SYNDABOCKEN / Shame on Dry Land (the life & times of) OMAR SHARIF OOF BBQ THE REAL ESTATE / Toppen av ingenting Don Bennechi – Can’t break down / Homeless design remix 6 degrees of Mustafa Arhan Close to God – Far from Home 2 (somewhere in between age & beauty) POEMS 1996-2007 Orientalisk Intermezzo Miracle Aside UTP past and present Under the Pyramid The Last Wonder of the Ancient World Man Tear – Outside Amore YONAS AL MASRI Dead or Alive Like Father, Like Son, Like Michael Douglas Avalon Talaboman - Safe Changes Talaboman – Safe Changes The Tracks of my Tears 1 & 2 Close to God / Far from Home (somewhere in between pop and classical) Doing by Seeing A Good Friend of Mr World Deep fried Dawn Slumber past Zenith Söndagmiddag BP # 1-4 Brompton